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The announcement of Jiang Zhipei's resignation from the "Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Network" and other websites such as "Net Supervision" and other positions 

According to the spirit of the Supreme Court's notice, the retired Supreme Court Judge Jiang Zhipei resigned from the "Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Network"(www.chinaiprlaw.cn   ), " Intellectual property Network (Hainan Channel)(www.iprlaw.cn   )" editor-in-chief, network supervision and other jobs. Retired Judge Jiang Zhipei is the founder of both websites.

The websites intends to transfer these two websites to the compliance entity who is willing to receive, if not received within three months, the government network authorities will go through the procedures for closing the aforementioned website. 

The Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Network (formerly China Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Network) was established in June 1999, and the first purpose of the station was to increase the transparency of intellectual property judicial protection in China before and after china's accession to the WTO and to publicize the progress of intellectual property rights, and completed its historical task in the past 20 years; Built in January 2019, the station's initial focus is to respond to the spirit of speech for the Internet and Hainan Special Administrative Region new development services. 

In view of the development of the situation and the requirements of the policy, the initial intention has been reached, the maintenance of the site also to the Him Jiang 70 years old retirement life inconvenience to bear the impact. 

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the new China, the country is thriving and developed, and this website takes this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to many visitors, readers and friends from all walks of life for their care and care over the years! 

The intellectual property business has flourished, wonderful and new! I wish you and your family a happy, happy and healthy National Day!   Thank you all.                                     

Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Network,

"Intellectual Property Justice Network" (Hainan Channel) 

                               Phone Number: 13311310638

Monday, September 16, 2019


蒋志培 中国人民大学法学博士,曾在英国伯明翰大学法学院、美国约翰马歇尔法学院任高级访问学者,中国人民大学法学院、北京外国语大学法学院兼职教授,中国知识产权司法保护网主编、国家社科基金评审委员会专家,最高人民检察院民行诉讼监督案件专家委员会委员,2014年、2015年受美国约翰马歇尔法学院、中国驻加拿大使馆和加方科技部邀请参加知识产权法律和创新论坛并演讲,2013年12月获得中国版权事业卓越成就奖。